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AISTIS – Enigmatic singer-songwriter unveils a captivating tale of love, loss, and self-discovery with his latest single ‘Plateau Boticelli’.

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Using wit and candor as mortar and pestle to grind the ego into finer granules of emotional truth, Aistis Disrupts the usual love songs with his eccentric and feverish attention to others and explores his sunken expressions by creating his own folklore.

‘Plateau Botticelli’ serves as the cornerstone of Aistis‘ forthcoming album, ‘Clay’, a profound exploration of love, conversation, illusion, ego, and pain. With an eccentric blend of wit, candor, and introspection, Aistis dives deep into the human experience, delivering a hauntingly beautiful narrative that resonates with audiences worldwide.

Reflecting on the genesis of ‘Plateau Botticelli’ and the creation of ‘Clay’, Aistis shares, “What started as an exercise of inner-navigation and immediacy, very quickly morphed into a period of isolated and manic writing/recording at my home studio. ‘Plateau Botticelli’ was the catalyst that opened the door to what became an 11-track exploration of love, conversation, illusion, ego, and pain, laced with humour, beauty, understanding, and the complete lack thereof, in a story that has no true beginning or end. To blur the lines of where reality and fantasy meet while using song to claw through and try to understand but ultimately acknowledge that the album becomes another artifact of a disillusioned story. It is my expression of the insurmountable love and gratitude that I have for and to this person, in the strangest, yet truest, way I can, with a wink and a nod“.

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